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New Features in Druid Enterprise Portal for Safety Managers

The Druid Enterprise system provides adminstrators with state-of-the-art analytical abilities for monitoring a workforce

If you haven't tried Druid Enterprise or if it's been a while, our engineers and data scientists have been busy developing enhancements to the management portal. We also have a Druid Enterprise System Overview video that outlines all the features in the system.

New Reports Dashboard: At-A-Glance Analyze Areas of Concern

The dashboard provides a high level overview of all activity, plus any time range. It indicates the overall "Fit for Duty" health of workers.

New Impairment Guidance: Baseline Deviation Thresholds

Managers can easily spot workers that are at an impairment threshold based on a deviation from their baseline. Plus, they can view patterns over time.


Advance Tagging and Data Export

There is no limit to the number of data variables that can be appended to a workforce. Whether it is location, timing of a shift, job function, or other attributes, custom tags can then be exported for further analysis.

New to Druid Enterprise? View our 3-minute video



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