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Are you fit to drive, operate machinery or make critical decisions?

Measure the level of your cognitive and motor impairment – from any cause.


Keep Yourself Safe


  • Are you intoxicated?

  • Are you impaired due to fatigue, illness, chronic medical condition or prescription medicines?

  • Do you treat your chronic pain with medical marijuana?

  • Would you like to better regulate your prescription dosage?

  • Are you getting ill but have no obvious symptoms yet?

  • Are you impaired due to injury, like concussion?

  • How well are you recovering from illness, chronic condition or injury?

Druid allows you to assess the level of your cognitive and motor impairment – as well as your recovery – due to any cause, including marijuana, alcohol, opioids, other drugs, prescription medicines, fatigue, illness, chronic condition, or injury.​


Critical Self Knowledge

Drug tests only check for drugs. Alcohol tests only check for alcohol. But impairment has many causes.

Unlike impairment due to drugs or alcohol, impairment due to fatigue, illness, chronic condition or injury, like concussion, cannot be determined by measuring the presence of an impairing substance in bodily fluids – blood, urine or sweat.

And for some drugs, particularly marijuana, testing for its bodily presence just doesn’t work. Marijuana causes impairment for an hour or two, but remains in your system for three weeks or more. During that time, it has no impairing effect. A test for its bodily presence is not useful to determine your ability to operate a vehicle or other machinery, or your well-being, because it does not measure impairment.

Druid doesn’t test for substances in bodily fluids. Druid measures neurophysiological indicators, like reaction time, hand-eye coordination, decision-making and balance. The app tests for impairment, regardless of cause. Testing generally for impairment, as Druid does, is the comprehensive way for you to ensure your health and safety.


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