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Risks and Impairment on Construction Sites

Construction sites are inherently hazardous environments, even when strict safety protocols are in place.


The nature of the work exposes construction workers to a variety of risks that can result in serious injuries or fatalities.

Plus, the physically demanding nature of the work often leads to injuries. Fatigue, stress, and substance abuse are significant issues, presenting substantial risks to worker safety and overall productivity. 


Overall, the construction industry experiences nearly 21% of all worker fatalities in the United States. Accidents involving machinery, equipment, or tool use makeup 15.4% of construction fatalities.


Construction ranks 2nd in substance abuse disorders at 16.1%


of construction workers use pain relievers/



of construction workers use marijuana


Construction ranks 2nd in heavy drinking at 16.5%

Challenges Faced by Construction Workers

Current efforts to address impairment in the construction industry -- regular drug testing, offering counseling and treatment programs – fall short.


More must be done to foster a workplace culture that reduces stress and promotes mental health.


Moving impairment screening to the front of the process will provide a safer and healthier workplace.


How the DRUID App Works

DRUID is a cognitive assessment app that applies neuroscience to detect and measure workplace performance impairment from any cause -- including fatigue, severe stress, acute illness, alcohol, cannabis, other drugs, injury (including concussion), chronic medical conditions, and environmental extremes (heat and cold).

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How DRUID Enterprise Functions

DRUID Enterprise is a portal and database designed to track and display DRUID scores in real-time, across various time frames, and filter this data to identify patterns of impairment. As a computer-based management dashboard, it enables organizations to analyze score data to identify risks associated with work schedules, job functions, departments, or locations. The system can schedule testing, set alerts, and quickly identify individuals who have not completed required tests.

Success Story: Wilmot Modular Structures, Inc.


“It helps us know that each one of our workers is working safe.  Every morning, we all take our DRUID test. We know at the end of the test, which only takes a few moments, if somebody's not totally with us here today. And it could be the drugs, it could be alcohol, it could be just that they're tired. It could be something at work they're thinking about. So that way we can sit down and talk with them and figure out what's going on. So we know everybody's working safe. I would definitely recommend DRUID to other companies. It's just a good tool to use to make sure that everybody has got their head in the game.”
- Ted Wooden, Director of Safety and Operations | Read Article

Understanding and mitigating workplace risks and stress in the construction sector is critical not only for the health and safety of the workers but also for the overall efficiency and success of construction projects.


Additional Resources for Construction Risks and Impairment


Get Started to Enhance Construction Safety with Druid
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