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Cognitive Impairment Testing for Industry

Safeguard your workers and the value of your business with DRUID Enterprise


Workplace safety is an ongoing and growing challenge


The Rise of Impairment in the Workplace

Impairment from drugs, alcohol, fatigue, illness, injury, chronic condition, mental distress, or other causes affects employees’ ability to be fit for duty on the job.

Employers Need to Provide a Safe Working Environment

Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their workers. Impaired workers should not be assigned to activities that could endanger themselves, their co-workers, and your business. Until DRUID, screening for impairment quickly, accurately, objectively, and inexpensively has not been possible.

Paradigm Shift

The Need for Impairment Testing

Drug tests only check for drugs. Alcohol tests only check for alcohol. But impairment on-the-job has many causes. 

DRUID tests for any kind of impairment.


Test for any impairment, regardless of cause. 

Based on Neuroscience

DRUID does not test for the presence and amount of chemicals in the body. Instead, using neuroscience, it measures the actual effect of impairment - from any cause - on your brain and body, how well or poorly your brain and body are doing while impaired. It measures key neurophysiological indicators: reaction time, hand-eye coordination, decision-making, and balance.

The DRUID app connects to DRUID Enterprise, a cloud-based Management Dashboard

  • Access all scores from users with intelligent database analytics

  • Schedule and take tests on-premise or remotely

  • View the score graph of any employee, group, or entire enterprise over any time period

  • Receive alerts automatically for scores requiring scrutiny

  • Examine score patterns and generate safety insights by filtering individuals or groups of employees by date, age, score, department, or other variable


DRUID Enterprise provides employers with sophisticated tools to monitor their workers' fitness for duty. Managers receive real-time score results, create score reports, set testing schedules and reminders, receive impairment alerts, create filtering tags, and, if desired, export data.

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