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EMS Services 

Cognitive Impairment in Emergency Settings 

The EMS workplace is full of hazards. Frontline workers are exposed to trauma, long hours, and bear the weight of making critical decisions that can determine life or death. 
The physical and mental well-being of frontline workers is vital in a profession with enormous demands.


Occupational risks of EMS workers include stress, fatigue, substance and alcohol abuse, and burnout.  


According to SAMHSA, EMS workers are at increased risk of substance abuse: 


of EMS workers suffer from depression


of EMTs suffer from sleep deprivation


More than 20% of EMTs suffer from PTSD

Challenges Faced by EMS Professionals

The current methods for testing impairment are outdated. Drug and alcohol testing tests only for drugs and alcohol. They do not test for all the many other causes of impairment. Plus, drug testing for cannabis is ineffective because the drug remains bodily present for days or weeks while the impairment it causes lasts only for 1-3 hours.


Adopting impairment detection technology (IDT) using cognitive and psychomotor measures is the solution.  


How the DRUID App Works 

DRUID is a cognitive assessment app that applies neuroscience to detect and measure workplace performance impairment from any cause -- including fatigue, severe stress, acute illness, alcohol, cannabis, other drugs, injury (including concussion), chronic medical conditions, and environmental extremes (heat and cold). 

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DRUID Enterprise

DRUID Enterprise is a portal and database that records and displays DRUID scores of individuals and groups in real-time, over any period, filtering data to reveal patterns of impairment.


As a computer-based management dashboard, DRUID Enterprise allows organizations to analyze score data to discern evident risk in work schedules, job functions, departments, or locations. The system can schedule test taking, set alerts, and determine at a glance which individuals have not taken tests as required. 



“The DRUID data and qualitative survey were critical to supporting our decision to change the work schedules for officers at our safety center. Your assistance and professionalism have paid dividends for our department and I believe we will be reaping the benefit for years and years.” 
- Highland Park DPS



“DRUID has given us valuable insight into the interplay of sleep, workload, and fatigue risk so we can take steps to reduce workplace injuries. It also underscored the importance of looking at personalized approaches to training and well-being within our fire department.”  
- Fort Worth FD

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