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Mining Industry Workplace Risks

The mining industry is fraught with numerous workplace risks that can lead to severe injuries or fatalities, primarily from falls, explosions, cave-ins, and machinery accidents.


MSHA reports the non-fatal injury rate for mining in 2020 was 1.45 per 100 full-time workers, significantly higher than most industries.


Fatigue and substance abuse are also considerable concerns within mining, often exacerbated by the high-stress and physically demanding nature of the work.


of miners reported illicit drug use


of miners work shifts, contributing to high fatigue levels


reported heavy alcohol use


has one of the highest rates of substance abuse

Shortcomings of Current Testing Methods

Traditional Drug and Alcohol testing methods have many shortcomings. For instance, urine tests can only detect recent drug use and do not indicate current impairment as substances like cannabis, which can remain detectable in the body long after the effects have worn off.


Another limitation is that traditional drug tests do not account for other forms of impairment, such as fatigue, severe stress, or medical conditions. This gap can be critical in the mining industry, where such factors can significantly impact safety and performance. Tools like the Druid cognitive assessment app can help bridge this gap.


About the DRUID App

Druid functions as a cognitive assessment tool, utilizing principles from neuroscience to identify and assess workplace performance. These measures come from a range of factors such as fatigue, intense stress, illness, substance use (including alcohol and cannabis), injuries (including concussions), chronic health conditions, and environmental conditions like extreme temperatures.

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How DRUID Enterprise Works

Druid Enterprise serves as a platform and repository intended for monitoring and presenting Druid assessment scores in real-time, spanning various time periods. It allows for data filtration to detect trends of impairment. Serving as a computer-based managerial interface, it empowers organizations to scrutinize score data to pinpoint potential risks associated with work schedules, job roles, departments, or geographical locations. The system can also manage testing schedules, issue alerts, and promptly identify individuals who haven't completed mandatory assessments.

Success Story: Impala Canada. Ltd


“The DRUID app proved to be a quick, accurate, non-invasive, and inexpensive contribution to mine management’s effort to improve productivity and prevent dangerous, costly impairment-related accidents. The DRUID study permitted mine management to evaluate - methodically, objectively, and scientifically - its miners’ current fitness for duty, both by individual and shift.”  
- Lac des Illes Mine Operations | Read the Case Study

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Get Started to Enhance Mining Safety with DRUID

Ready to add a layer of safety to your Mining workforce? Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about cognitive assessment tools for mining professionals.

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