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for impairment screening

DRUID can detect and monitor any type of cognitive and motor impairment, from any cause. 


DRUID measures brain and body readiness.

The app tests key neurological indicators, including hand-eye coordination, reaction time, precision, decision-making, time estimation, divided attention, and balance to provide a cognitive readiness score. 


Validated in multiple peer-reviewed, scientific studies.

DRUID is to impairment what the fever thermometer is to fever. Both such tools identify that there is a problem, allowing the next intelligent remedial steps to be taken. The accuracy and utility of DRUID has been confirmed and validated in multiple peer-reviewed, scientific studies.

A single method to screen ANY type of impairment – quickly, and accurately.

Attempting to keep their workplaces safe, organizations have, until DRUID, relied primarily on traditional drug and alcohol tests. But these tests can be expensive, time-consuming, invasive, subject to cheating – and in the case of cannabis – completely unreliable. Unreliable because while they can identify the bodily presence of cannabis for weeks, they cannot identify the brief impairment it causes. Now, with DRUID, any type of impairment can be screened by a single method of testing – accurately, quickly, and inexpensively.


In the workplace, DRUID is a tool for any industry with safety-sensitive jobs. 

The DRUID app connects to DRUID Enterprise, a cloud-based management portal that gives organizations sophisticated tools to monitor their workers' fitness for duty. Managers receive real-time DRUID score results, reports, and alerts; they can set testing schedules and reminders, create filtering tags, and integrate data from other systems. 

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Outside the workplace, DRUID provides individuals with a means to monitor and measure cognitive and physical aptitude. 

From athletic performance to physical therapy, from chronic conditions to aging populations, the app provides a valuable tool to assess and address conditions that affect cognition. DRUID enables people to make safer, more informed decisions about their behavior. It can tell you if you are fit to drive, operate machinery, make critical decisions, or are approaching peak athletic performance.



Rarely does a new technology apply to such a broad range of populations, conditions, and workplaces.

Initially developed to measure cannabis impairment, DRUID technology is useful to enhance performance and to detect and monitor any type of cognitive and motor impairment, from any cause. 

Dr. Michael Milburn, Professor of Psychology for nearly 40 years at the University of Massachusetts/Boston, conceived the idea for the DRUID app in 2016. The app was further developed with a research grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and launched in 2018. In 2020, DRUID Enterprise was added as an analytical engine to track and analyze DRUID scores of company employees or organization members. 

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