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Tools to Introduce Impairment Testing: Company Resources

Impairment Testing is a relatively new concept. Unlike the stigma and invasiveness of drug and alcohol tests, impairment testing doesn't care about WHY someone is impairment, it's simply about 'are you able to do your job safely?'.

Employers are waking up to this new way of thinking. Organizations like the National Safety Council (NSC) are working to educate both employers and employees. Technology providers are putting forth innovative solutions and working to educate their customers.

The benefits of impairment testing need to be properly communicated to the workforce. Managers and site supervisors should take the time to understand the issues and procedures, and work with their teams for a common good. The best way to do this is to educate workers on WHY this change supports their safety and wellbeing.

Impairment Science, Inc. has a wealth of information to share about impairment testing and how to intoduce it within your organization.

These tools can help for education and outreach

National Safety Council

A website section all about addressing workplace impairment


This 3-minute video presents the topic and mobile testing solutions.

Training Doc

Guidance to employers on managing workplace impairment and developing a policy.


A sample section of an employee manual that explains impairment.


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