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Impairment Science works with NSC to offer a Free Course on Impairment Detection

Given the critical importance of employee fitness for duty on the job, Impairment Science, Inc. (ISI) is working with the National Safety Council (NSC) to include its course, “Impairment Recognition and Response Training for Supervisors,” as part of a free two-week trial of ISI’s fitness-for-duty app, DRUID.


The Council’s one-hour online course provides supervisors and safety experts with the skills to identify and address suspected impairment in the workplace.


Impairment from various sources can slow down cognitive and reaction times, raise the risk of workplace injuries and mistakes, drive up workers’ compensation expenses, and lead to higher rates of absenteeism and workplace distraction. Over half of the employers surveyed by NSC reported that impairment is compromising the safety of their workforce.


“In a recent NSC survey, over 90% of employers have agreed with a more holistic definition and approach to impairment. This includes considering factors such as fatigue, mental distress, chemical substances and more,” said Claire Bryant, senior program manager of workplace wellbeing at NSC. “The online training course teaches a more comprehensive approach to addressing impairment in the



The DRUID app and its online database and management portal, DRUID Enterprise, provide employers with sophisticated tools to monitor their workers' fitness for duty. When workers use the DRUID App, managers receive real-time score results, create score reports, set testing schedules and reminders, receive impairment alerts, create filtering tags, and, if desired, export data. DRUID is used by leading companies in manufacturing, mining, construction, public safety, and transportation and has been validated in multiple independent, peer-reviewed scientific publications.


“We’re proud to offer the NSC expertise to educate safety leaders about impairment in a much broader way than ever before,” said ISI’s CEO Rob Schiller. “Combining the NSC training course with a complimentary two-week trial of our leading impairment detection technology will provide a solid foundation to reducing accident risk and ensure worker well-being.”


Impairment Science will sponsor up to five staff members for the NSC instructional program at no cost to the employer. To learn more, sign up for a DEMO or contact Chris Bensley at or call 617-612-5800.



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