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Impairment Science Releases Concussion Study

The Druid App as a Rapid Test for Concussion Monitoring: A Case Study

Concussion results in neurological impairment that manifests as diminished reaction time, balance, and coordination (Pearce et al., 2019; Ketcham et al., 2014). Standard clinical methods of assessment are required to diagnose concussion and determine when a patient has recovered fully (Scorza & Cole, 2019). However, there is also a need for a valid tool that can track the progress of concussion recovery. This tool should be accurate and reliable, fast and inexpensive, and allow patients to use it at home or elsewhere on a daily basis.

This case study explores the Druid® app’s capability to detect cognitive and motor impairment in a 21-year-old patient (referred to pseudonymously as “FGH”) who suffered and then recovered from a concussion caused by a syncopal episode and subsequent fall with a head injury. FGH signed a release permitting us to share her medical information under conditions of anonymity.



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