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Impairment Science Releases the Druid Impairment App Version 2.7

Improvements in accuracy for a broader range of real life applications

Version 2.7 of the Druid app for impairment testing has just been released. Already the most accurate app proven to detect impairment from any cause including cannabis, fatigue, illness or injury, the adjustments in this version provide improved accuracy and a shorter test time across multiple applications.

Druid has become the gold standard for science research and a valuable tool for employers with safety-sensitive jobs; Impairment Science is committed to refining and improving the app to meet our customer’s needs.

This release further refines the test presentation with buffer zones and timing adjustments to allow a wider use of Druid. These changes improve accuracy in the field under a variety of conditions. We have a mission to see that the technology and science is robust for broad commercial applications, not just for laboratory research.

Version 2.7 also includes a number of customer driven improvements such as enhancements to the Druid Enterprise cloud-based management system to record and monitor scores. Some of the improvements come from our work with organizations measuring fatigue. We intend to continue a series of regular app releases to incorporate different measures and features driven by our customers.

“Working with Impairment Science, we were able to validate a new work schedule” noted Wayne Kilmer, Assistant Chief of the Highland Park Department of Public Safety had this to say regarding the improvements in version 2.7. “ISI was very responsive to our need to address our complex work schedules with a tagging system to help report on results”.


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