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The Gold Standard for Impairment Testing

Druid applies neuroscience to assess a user’s level of cognitive and motor impairment due to any cause.


Impairment Testing Reinvented

The Druid app - which operates like a video game - records hundreds of neurophysiological indicators to detect cognitive and motor impairment in just 3 minutes.

Available for all smartphones and tablets, it measures impairment from any cause, including from drugs, alcohol, fatigue, illness, injury, or chronic condition.

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Druid Benefits

  • COMPREHENSIVE – Tests for any cause of impairment
  • ACCURATE – Tested & validated in three peer-review published scientific research studies
  • FAST – Completed in just 3 minutes or less, anytime, anywhere
  • EASY-TO-USE – Operates like a video game
  • INEXPENSIVE – 365 days of testing for less than the cost of a single-use multi-panel drug test​

Why Use Druid?

Workplace Safety
Personal Safety
Scientific Research

Rapid screening assessment for cognitive and psychomotor impairment.



Data is statistically integrated to calculate an impairment score that measures impairment in two ways: 

Objective Standard

Objective Standard - Interprets the score as a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) equivalent.

Personal Standard

Personal Standard - Compares the score to the user’s unimpaired baseline score.

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